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Surgical, medical and other sites in
Memphis and Germantown, Tennessee

Regional One Health
Regional One Out-Patient Clinic
880 Madison Avenue
3rd Floor
Memphis, TN 381003

Regional One Health Out-Patient Center Parking

E102 Rout Center for Women & Newborns
853 Jefferson Ave.
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 448-7286

DanMartinMD.com - Dr. Dan Martin and UT
Medical Group, Inc. emphasize personalized
care of women and their partners. Services
include infertility, outpatient microsurgical tubal
reversal of sterilization, comprehensive fertility
surgery, endometriosis, abnormal bleeding and
alternatives to hysterectomy.

MemFert.com is the site of residual material
from The Fertility Institute of the Mid-South,
Memphis, Tennessee, on reproductive
endocrinology and reproductive surgery.
Addresses for GPS Navigators
Entrance         880 Madison Ave
Valet Parking  880 Madison Ave
Patient Parking 24 North Dudley

UTHSC M3 Student Guide


Dan Martin CV

Tubal Reversal using surgical repair
can cost less than IVF.